Kuwait Finance & Investment Company (KFIC) is a Kuwaiti shareholding company incorporated under the Commercial Company Law No. 15 of 1960 and amendments thereto (C.R.80279). The company is registered with the Central Bank of Kuwait as an Investment Company with a license to conduct both Finance & Investment Services. KFIC is listed on the Kuwaiti stock exchange.
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General Assembly meeting of Kuwaiti finance & investment company (KFIC)

General Assembly meeting of Kuwaiti Finance & Investment company (KFIC)

KFIC - The debt crisis is over

Reuters - The CEO of Kuwait Finance and Investment (KFIC) Abdulmoghni Al-Moghni that the debt crisis faced by the company since late 2008 is over, after it has been able to restructure its debt, which amounted to KD 158 million in 2010.

Completion of the subscription in the shares of the capital

Completion of the subscription in the shares of the capital increase "KFIC"

"KFIC" Mutadawil Offer at Gulf University for students

Kuwait Finance and Investment (KFIC) announced for their participation in the Carnival of the pioneers who will stay in the Gulf University for Science and Technology from 28 to 29 March, to display the service «trader» electronic trading in an effort to reach out to all segments of society, and both offer that is new. Proceeding of the goals of the company''s efforts to support various sectors, particularly the youth sector given by the company''s special attention.

Increase the capital of the company

According to Kuwait Finance and Investment (KFIC) that it will require an increase in the capital of the company, upon the approval of the AGM and EGM of the company and held on 6/2/2012.

General Assembly Meeting

Announced the Kuwait Stock Exchange that the AGM and EGM of the Company Kuwait Finance and Investment (KFIC) will be held on Monday, 06.02.2012 at 11 am at the Ministry of Trade and Industry will be in which to discuss the recommendation of the Board of Directors for the financial year ended 12.31.2010.

KFIC holds AGM, shareholders support Board's capitalization strategy

Kuwait, June 16, 2010 -- Kuwait Finance and Investment Company (KFIC), a KSE and DFM listed company, today held its 2010 Annual General Meeting for Shareholders with them approving the Board’s recommendation to eliminate all losses and recapitalize the company for a stronger financial position.

KFIC restructures total debt of KD 145 million

KFIC restructures total debt of KD 145 million with full support of lenders in one of the largest debt restructures in Gulf’s private sector

Press Release - Financing Services

Kuwait Finance & Investment Company announced that in line with its aim to provide superior financial and investment solutions to the local and regional marketplace, and despite the turbulent market conditions where we bear witness to a scarcity of credit lines and the consistent erosion in the availability of financing; the Financing Services Division at KFIC remains well positioned to tackle and weather the financial storm affecting the regional and local economies.

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