Privacy Statement

At KFIC we give utmost importance and permanent follow up to the standards of protection of the privacy of the information in general and our clients' information specifically, and this link or website in the internet a medium of contact between the company, its clients, and the others. Therefore, and starting from our constant care to improve our standards or secrecy and privacy applicable at our company it was necessary to clarify to whomever enters to or explores our official website through this web link or the persons who use this link to communicate with the company, to the importance of being acknowledged and reading this statement of privacy and its following contents, for the sake of accuracy, objectivity and transparency in our works and dealings, as well as for the sake of their interests.



KFIC is committed and abided by maintaining the standards of privacy and confidentiality through applying the highest standards of protection applicable in this regard and which are possible to be provided and improved continuously as per the company's capacities and within the applicable legal terms and controls.



We are committed by not sharing your private and confidential information with any unauthorized third party or any person who is not licensed or needs to get access to your information based on his job in the company or his dealing with the company within the limits of the applicable rules and the known legal and contractual basis and the terms and conditions you agree on them by dealing with the company, by any manner and for any purpose, and that without getting your approval which you have the right to grant or refuse to grant it at your sole discretion.



The company will not divulge your private information and will not allow any unauthorized party or person to get access to confidential documentations contains private information of yours.



The company allows its related employees to have access to the clients' private and confidential information available at the company, on need to know basis and by maintaining the continued commitment to protect the secrecy nature of those information.



Any usage by us of any tools or supporting technical programs in or through our website (or any official website belonging to the company and being following subordinated or linked to this principal website) is a use or application for operational purposes and in order to provide the best possible service to our clients mainly. And it is not intended behind such usage nor does the company allow the tracking of your private and confidential information or allowing any unauthorized person to have access to your private and confidential information.



You agree that the company is allowed to use your information in order to contact you when need or necessity be.



In case that an hyperlink to any other website belonging to any third party is found in our website, in such a case we hereby notify and alert you to the necessity to take into consideration the independency of such person or party of KFIC or its independency, and thus it will be requested from you for the necessity to review and be acknowledged by such party's standards and rules of protection of the information's security applied by them, whereas KFIC cannot in any way guarantee or take responsibility over any action or breach happening at any given time because of another website linked or was linked to our website for any period of time.



KFIC takes technical procedures and measures of protection for the security of its information as well as the information of its clients over the internet and this website, to avoid any misuse of infringement to any information stored with us. But it is broadly known that the protection of the security of the electronic information over the internet is tainted by a lot of gaps and weaknesses which are created by, or by which, the hackers and infringers and criminals have infringed the privacies of numerous persons around the world. Therefore we are committed by providing the utmost possible protection and monitoring with full care, seriousness and dedication, but it is not possible for us to grant the non-occurrence of any electronic breach or infringement, especially because of the fast movement of development in the field of information technology, the electronics, and the internet. Accordingly, the company KFIC does not take any responsibility or liability of whatever any kind for any misuse or unauthorized access to the data and information, moreover, we further invite our valued customers and users of this website to employ the prudent person's level of care and to directly take the initiative and inform us upon their knowledge or notice of any kind of breach or infringement to the information's security through or on this website.